About the gCMEp

European CME is developing under its own inertia, working to converging standards and agreements. The aim of the gCMEp is to guide how European CME providers contribute to improving health outcomes through effective education. It does this by:

championing best practice
mentoring and educating the provider community
maintaining and improving standards
working in collaboration with critical stakeholders

Core principles of the gCMEpicon-principles

The inaugural meeting of the Good CME Practice (gCMEp) group took place during the Second Annual Meeting of the European CME Forum in November 2009. The evolution of key guiding principles was discussed by leading European CME providers, with input from CME accreditation bodies and industry. The Group has continued to consult widely with national and European medical societies and European CME accreditation bodies, with the aim of looking specifically at how the education and provider community works in providing CME and to develop appropriate standards for this community.

Appropriate Education

CME providers should ensure that educational activities have clear learning objectives that are derived from a coherent and objective process that has identified performance gaps and unmet educational needs. The education must be designed to positively reinforce existing good practice and effect a sustained change in daily clinical practice as appropriate.


Balance needs to be evident in content, faculty and review. Content has to be developed independently of the sponsor and reflect the full clinical picture within the framework of the learning objectives.


All relevant information should be disclosed to the learner so that they understand fully how the content has been developed and presented. This includes the terms of the financial support, relevant disclosures of faculty and organisations involved in the development of the scientific content and the presentation of the programme.


Post-activity evaluation should measure satisfaction, knowledge uptake and intent to maintain or change behaviour in line with learning objectives.

The full results of this consultation can be found in the publication; Setting CME standards in Europe: guiding principles for medical education by Sheelagh Farrow, Darren Gillgrass, Alisa Pearlstone, Jack Torr, Eugene Pozniak, Current Medical Research and Opinion, 2012 Nov;28(11):1861-71.


The Good CME Practice group meets formally in person twice a year, in the spring and autumn, the day before the annual meetings of the European CME Forum. It also holds monthly Zoom calls for all members to discuss latest developments in the CME-CPD environment.

Steering Group

Policy control and governance is led by the Steering Group, which is made up of seven individuals, six from the member organisations, appointed by election each year, and an ex officio position held by European CME Forum.

How to join

icon-paperThe Good CME Practice group welcomes applications for membership from CME providers in Europe. Our aim is to create a broad and representative cross-section of providers from across Europe. Membership serves as a demonstrable commitment to third parties that the organisation is a valued and knowledgeable provider of CME activities, and is committed to working to the highest standards in Europe. Only members may display the Good CME Practice group logo on their communications and activity materials. A full list of current members appears on the home page.

To be eligible to join, candidate organisations must:

  • Be a European-based academic or professional medical education provider
  • Agree to adhere to the principles of the Good CME Practice group
  • Full members must demonstrate a proven track record in the design, delivery and evaluation of CME accredited activities in Europe
  • Be a registered European legal entity with a European operating office, and pay an annual membership fee*

Organisations that do not quite meet all the requirements for full membership may apply to be Associate Members. More information in the Policy Document.

To apply

icon-downloadTo apply for Full or Associate membership, please complete an application form and return it to the Good CME Practice group Secretariat, Alison Copley by email acopley@gCMEp.org

All members are required to reapply each year and renew their membership using this form (write to us if you would like the form in Word format).

gCMEp Membership Form

Policy document

icon-downloadThis document details the policies and operating procedures of the Good CME Practice Group. It is reviewed each year at the Spring meeting in May.

gCMEp Policy Document