About the European CME Forum

European CME Forum is dedicated to bringing together all stakeholder groups with an interest in European Continuing Medical Education, promoting multi-channel discussion in an independent and neutral environment.

European CME Forum is a not-for-profit organisation funded by delegate registrations and sponsorship. As well as establishing and administering the Good CME Practice group, it hosts an annual meeting for CME stakeholders, publishes the PubMed-indexed, open access Journal of European CME (www.jecme.eu) and supports other activities that promote or endorse CME best practice in Europe.

10th Annual European CME Forum (#10ECF)

The most recent annual meeting took place in collaboration with, and at the home of, the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Dublin, 8-10 November 2017.

Good CME Practice group members led two sessions at the recent #10ECF. Click here for details as well as more information and reports from the meeting as well as future activities.

11th Annual European CME Forum (#11ECF)

This will take place at The King’s Fund in London. 7-9 November 2018.

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Meeting materials archive

European CME Forum believes that all information about CME should be freely available for the international CME community; it reports on all its activities (whether as journal publications or on its own website), and makes available the presentations, support materials and content from all its meetings. This extensive archive can be accessed here.

Previous reports

Journal of European CME (JECME)

The mission of the Journal of European CME (JECME) is to heighten awareness of innovative continuing medical education (CME) as part of continuing professional development (CPD) in Europe. The journal is intended for those who provide, accredit, partake in and benefit from European CME-CPD.

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Recent articles

Collaboration between JECME and JCEHP: providing new opportunities for CME researchers and practitioners
Published 8 October 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

Interdisciplinary CME: is the need evident? Results of the evaluation of CME articles in the Journal of the German Medical Association
Published 21 October 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

International challenges in patient-centred care in fertility clinics offering assisted reproductive technology: providers’ gaps and attitudes towards addressing the patients’ psychological needs
Published 15 June 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

Identification of clinician challenges in order to drive the development of competency-based education: results from an international needs assessment in multiple sclerosis
Published 4 June 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

Use of CME to impact self-reported changes in the evaluation and management of anaemia in geriatric patients
Published 12 May 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

Response to Editorial: CME on the cusp of change
Published 4 March 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

CME on the Cusp of Change
Published 4 February 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

Meeting reports

A new day for CME/CPD in Canada: proceedings from the 1st Canada Regional Conference of the Global Alliance for Medical Education in Montreal, Canada
Published 26 November 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

CME/CPD in the Indian Subcontinent: Proceedings from the 1st regional meeting of Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) in Mumbai, India
Published 27 April 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

CME credit systems in three developing countries: China, India and Indonesia
Published 21 April 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)

State of play of CME in Europe in 2014: proceedings from the Seventh Annual Meeting of the European CME Forum
Published 27 March 2015 Journal of European CME (JECME)