EACCME 3.0 – what’s new, what’s missing?

In this thought-provoking webinar, Froukje Sosef (COR2ED) will be speaking with Daniela Clape (Xpeer) and Eugene Pozniak (Siyemi Learning) about the recently-launched “EACCME 3.0” accreditation criteria from UEMS-EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education).

With new criteria introduced in June 2023, some questions and challenges have been faced by all types of organisations providing accredited medical education: medical societies, professional congress organisers as well as for-profit and not-for-profit medical education providers.

This webinar will take a closer look at the new EACCME 3.0 criteria and discuss some of the key points.
– How do the new criteria affect the work of medical education providers?
– Where are the main challenges?
– Are the new criteria conflicting with other regulatory criteria?

The webinar provides a platform for deepening your understanding of the latest developments, offering insightful discussions, and invaluable perspectives to navigate the ever-changing terrain of medical learning.

While attending the webinar is free, registration is required.


You can access recordings of our past webinars below,
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Webinar 10: Measuring outcomes: current expectations and practice

Eugene Pozniak (Siyemi Learning), Mia Hill (Scientific Education nation Support) and Margarita Velcheva (Kenes Group) discuss current practices in Europe when it comes to measuring and evaluating educational outcomes.

For more information about Don Moore’s Outcomes Framework (“Levels of Outcomes”) and other guidance, take a look at the Resources page on this website, especially the excellent (and free to access) CE Educator’s Toolkit from ACCME (see page 165ff.)

Webinar 9: Incorporating the patient voice in CME

Monica Ghidinelli (AO Foundation), Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME) and Gabor Purman (Elevate CME) discuss how to incorporate the patient angle when planning, developing and implementing CME-CPD activities.


Webinar 8: Current challenges in CME

Monica Ghidinelli (AO Foundation), Margarita Velcheva (Kenes Group) and Sophie Wilson (International Medical Press) reflect on some of the current challenges faced by education providers in Europe.


Webinar 7: Innovations in CME-CPD

Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME), Fabíola de Andrade (Independent CME-CPD Professional) and Thomas Kleinoeder (KWHC) discuss recent innovations in CME-CPD that have caught their eye.

Webinar 6: Changes in learner behaviour and expectations

Margarita Velcheva (Kenes Group) in discussion with Onno Kaagman (MEDCON International) and Gabor Purman (Elevate CME) about changes they have seen in how learners are engaging in medical education.


More information about Robin Stevenson’s book “Learning and Behaviour in Medicine” including discount code, can be found here.

Webinar 5: Outcomes measurement: What can we achieve in practice?

Froukje Sosef (COR2ED) in discussion with Monica Ghidinelli (AO Foundation) and Sophie Wilson (International Medical Press) about realistic expectations when it comes to evaluating outcomes of education activities.


Webinar 3: The landscape of CME accreditation in Europe

Froukje Sosef (COR2ED) took audience questions and discussed the CME accreditation landscape in Europe with Eugene Pozniak (Siyemi Learning) and Margarita Velcheva (Kenes).


Webinar 2: Developing an accredited educational activity

Monica Ghidinelli (AO Foundation) in discussion with Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME) and Sophie Wilson (International Medical Press) about developing an accredited educational activity.


Webinar 1: From clinician to educator: why?

Margarita Velcheva (Chair of the gCMEp) discusses the journey from clinician to education provider with group members Dr Froukje Sosef (COR2ED) and Dr Thomas Kleinoeder (KWHC).


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